Storage units serve many purposes to individuals, companies, hobbyists, and anyone who needs a place to keep things for a short or long period of time. A popular reason why many people rent a storage unit is to have a good place to store their project vehicles, their boats, their recreational vehicles, or their off-roading vehicles. It can be important to find an appropriate place to store these things for many reasons.

Here are some examples of reasons why a storage unit can be a great place to store these types of things.

A storage unit offers protection from UV rays 

UV damage can affect vehicles and boats in many ways. It can cause the paint to fade. It can also cause damage to the tires on the vehicle and/or the trailer that tows it. The inside of a motorhome, vehicle, or boat cabin that gets to extreme temperatures due to daily summer weather can also be damaged. Plastic can become brittle, as can upholstery. Glues used on the inside can end up drying to the point things start to come apart. Something you can do to prevent these types of damage is to store vehicles, boats, motorhomes, and others in a storage unit where they will be kept out of the sunlight. You can even go with a climate-controlled unit, so you know the temperature will be consistent throughout the year. 

A storage unit will prevent damage from animals and pests

When you leave things like your project car, your boat, your motorcycle, or any other kind of vehicle outside, animals and pests can get at it. If you have dogs, they can lift their leg and urinate on them. Cats can easily jump on vehicles and boats, their claws can leave fine scratches on the paint. Depending on how long you leave vehicles and boats sitting, you can end up with pests like spiders, bees, and even termites getting inside where they can create problems for you or even cause damage. When you put them in a storage unit, then they will be kept in an environment where they will be protected from animals and pests. 


There are a lot of other ways a storage facility can offer protection. The things you keep in them will be protected from thieves. They will also be kept out of the rain, and even the hail, which can cause extensive damage to everything from the paint to the windshields.

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