Self-storage units give people safe, clean, dry, and convenient storage for their things. There are countless uses for these units, but some of your things may actually be better off in a self-storage unit than many other places you may keep them. This guide on the uses for storage units can help you get a clearer picture of what some things are that may fare better by being kept in a storage unit. Here's more on this. 

Classic cars will be safer in storage than many other places

 Classic cars are generally at least 25 years old. They are often restored and collected due to the historical interest in them. This is why you want to keep your classic car in a location where it is protected from weather conditions, damage, and theft.

If you are using your garage for your daily driver, using it as a work shed, or you just don't have a garage, then you need to find an equally safe space to keep your classic car in. A self-storage unit can be that space. In fact, there are some things about storage that may offer the classic car an even better space than your garage. For example, the storage unit can have climate control and your garage likely doesn't. 

Your tools will be protected in a storage unit

If you have a lot of tools and equipment for your business that you keep at home and/or in your truck, then you want to make sure these are the right places for them. If you live in a rough area, then your tools are likely not as safe as you would like either in your garage or your truck. Garages and vehicles tend to be targeted often by thieves. They know people are less likely to see or hear them when they break into a garage, and they know there are usually expensive tools and equipment in them. Also, vehicles are targets because they can get in and out of them quickly, or they can just steal them altogether. 

A self-storage unit gives you a palace for your work tools and other equipment that is monitored and protected 24/7. The only people who can enter the storage unit section of the facility are those who have access cards or codes for the gate. There are typically cameras and sometimes security guards on-site as well. You will be the only one with the key that opens your unit also. 

Your online store merchandise may be better off in storage

If you run an online store, then you may have a lot of merchandise on hand at any given time. Depending on how much you keep in stock and the size of your home, you might find that the merchandise is taking up valuable space in your home. 

While putting the merchandise in a self-storage unit is a great way to reclaim your home, it can also be better for the merchandise. If you have pets in your home, or you smoke then this can be problematic for customers who buy something from you and who have allergies. Also, if you have children, then they can end up getting into the merchandise, opening packages, or causing other damage. The storage unit can be set up to keep everything organized well and everything will be safe and kept clean.