In most areas, self-storage is becoming more accessible, with units and complexes popping up even in less populated areas. The need to have a space to store things you do not have space for is increasing as homes become smaller and more people move into apartments or condos. 

Storage Space

For many people, the hardest thing to determine when renting a storage unit is the size of the storage unit that they need for the things they need to put away. Often the storage facility will have some reference chart for you to determine how large a unit you need, but these charts are for the average homeowner. If you have a lot of additional items to store, you may find the chart is a little too conservative for you. 

Still, in many cases, that chart is the best place to start. For a two-bedroom house in the thousand square foot range, most companies recommend a ten by ten or a ten by fifteen storage unit, but that is assuming standard furnishings and a modest amount of personal items that are going to go into the unit.

If you feel you have more belongs than will fit in the recommended unit, ask for a larger unit, but remember, the monthly cost can increase substantially with the unit size. 

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Sometimes it is easier to get things into a storage unit that is well organized, and you may want to have a little larger space than recommended to achieve that organization. If you are using the unit to store stock for a small business, or store paperwork and archived records, being able to come and work in the unit is essential. 

Setting up the storage unit with some shelves and a work area is a good idea in these situations. If you are storing personal items, keeping the space organized is the best way to ensure that the things in the unit remain accessible if you need them while they are in the unit. 

One of the best ways to make things easier to find is to label the boxes well so that you do not have to search through twenty boxes before finding the one you are looking for in the storage unit. Stacking the boxes that you will not often need in the back of the storage unit and keep boxes that may have things in them that you need towards the front, so they are easier to get to. Contact a company like Attic Pantry Storage to learn more.