If you are interested in taking on several small remodeling projects, you may not worry too much about moving items out of the way. All you may need to do is put a few things into another room or the garage while you work on a project that can be handled in a day or over a weekend.

However, when you have large remodeling projects on your mind, you should rent a self storage unit and put certain items inside that will clear out a lot of valuable space around your home.


One of the first things that you should consider putting away is the appliances in the kitchen and laundry room, simply because they can take up so much space. If you want to replace the flooring in these areas, you will need to move the appliances to another location. Not having extra room in your garage means that you would have to put these huge appliances in an inconvenient location.

A storage unit is the perfect place to move them because you will not have to worry about them getting in the way when you or professionals are working on remodeling projects inside.


Another thing worth putting into storage is the furniture around your house. If you plan on remodeling the living room, you should consider storing the couch, television stand, coffee table, and any other furniture you may have set up throughout this space. When you are determined to make these items easy to put into storage, you should consider disassembling them.


While clothing does not take up much room on its own, you should not underestimate the impact that storing a lot of your clothes will have on clearing up space in the bedroom closets. This is perfect for when you want to invest in new storage solutions in the closets around the house.

A huge advantage that comes with storing your clothes is not having to worry about any dirt and dust that comes from working on remodeling projects getting on the fabrics.


When decorations make up a decent percentage of items in your home, you should avoid leaving these items out because they are susceptible to damage during a remodel. All it takes is one misstep or a piece of equipment swinging in the wrong direction to harm a delicate decoration.

Clearing out your home by renting a storage unit will get you ready for remodeling projects.