Home appliances may sit safely in your home year in year out without breaking down, but they can get damaged within a couple of months if you store them carelessly. That would be unfortunate because home appliances aren't exactly cheap. Take these measures to help you keep your home appliances safe and secure in storage:

Drain Off All Liquids

Appliances that use, hold or produce water or moisture should be thoroughly drained before storage. This includes things like dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. Drain all the water since they may encourage mold growth, rust and bad odor during long-term storage.

Clean and Wipe Dry

Irrespective of the types of appliances you are dealing with, you need to clean and dry them thoroughly before storage. Imagine storing a food processor while it still contains bits of food; do that and a smelly and rusty food processor will be waiting for you at the end of the storage period. Not only that, but dirt and grime on your appliances will also cause rust and attract pests in storage.

Remove Glass If Possible

For appliances that have removable glass parts, it's advisable to remove the glass parts and store them separately. This makes sense because it will be difficult to treat the whole appliance with the utmost care that its glass parts demand. However, you can remove the glass parts, wrap them up properly, transport them separately and even store them in the safest sections of the storage unit.

Secure Doors during the Move, Open Doors during Storage

The appliances' doors should be closed during transportation to the storage unit. This will prevent breakage or damage, for example, to the hinges of the doors. You can secure the doors with tape so that they don't accidentally open up during transportation. However, once you reach the storage area, you should open up the doors and prop them so that they stay open during storage. This will encourage efficient air circulation and prevent mold growth or moisture damage.

Don't Jam Pack With Other Storage Items

For appliances that have storage spaces or hollow areas that can be used to store things, it is tempting to stuff as many items in them to maximize the number of storage items you can keep in storage. However, that would interfere with efficient air flow, which you need if your appliance is to stay fresh. If you have to keep items in the appliances during storage, just keep a few small items.

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