Most people have a collection of stuff that they don't really use, but they aren't really ready to get rid of. Those things that are only used once or twice each year or the things that are special to you have to be kept. Can you find the things that you want without ripping through a bunch of boxes and losing half of a day? Here, you'll learn a few tips that can help you store your things in an organized manner and find exactly what you need when you need it.

Take Pictures

Get a box from your attic or storage space. Unpack the contents of the box and set it all out. Take pictures of the lot. As you're going through the box, get rid of the things that you know you won't use or don't need any longer.

Label the Boxes and Bins

When you pack the box or bins back up, give the box a category name and a number. For example, Christmas Décor #1, Christmas Décor #2, Braden's Toys #1, etc..

You can also include a short list of the items that are inside the box or bin. This will give you a general idea of what is inside, so you don't have to rip anything open to search the contents.

Create an Inventory List

You need to create an inventory list just as a department store would. Take the picture and upload it to a spreadsheet – like Microsoft Excel.

Once the picture is uploaded, title the item with the box category and number. This will make it possible to go through all of the boxes and bins that you have without actually having to go to the storage space and dig through the boxes to see if you have what you're looking for and if you do, exactly which bin or box you'll find it in.

Store Properly

You don't have to struggle to get heavy boxes up and down the attic ladder. Instead, rent a small storage unit close to your home. This will provide you with the secure, dry and easy to access storage space that you need to stay on top of getting your home organized.

Start working to organize all of your stored items in small lots. Just grab a few boxes one day, a few more the next and so on. Eventually, you'll have the perfect system for storing and searching all of your stored items with ease. Contact a company like Cardinal Self Storage for more information and assistance.