When you are ready to prepare for winter weather, there are some items that are better kept in storage than in your garage or yard. A self-storage unit can provide the ideal conditions for keeping your items secure and safe from damage until warmer weather approaches once again. If you are thinking about renting a self-storage unit, here are some of your outdoor items you may want to think about keeping in storage.

Flower Pots

Flower pots, particularly clay pots, can become cracked or broken when exposed to extreme changes in temperature. The material can expand and contract as the temperature changes, leaving the pots brittle and prone to breakage. Bring potted plants inside your home to be tended to throughout the winter, and pack away your unused pots and other gardening implements in your storage unit to keep them safe from damage during the winter.

Patio Furniture

Even patio furniture designed to be weather-resistant can suffer in the winter. Snow and ice can leave metal frames rusted, and prolonged exposure to wet conditions can cause your outdoor seat cushions to accumulate mold and mildew. Make sure your patio furniture is clean and thoroughly dry before putting it into storage.


Grills can become rusted over the winter after being exposed to snow and ice. For gas grills, exposure to the elements can also damage the ignition system that powers on the burners and cooktop. While you can use a cover, this doesn't provide a completely waterproof layer of protection. Store your grills inside your storage unit, taking care to completely clean the cooking surfaces to prevent potential pest problems. Check with your storage facility before storing excess charcoal or propane tanks, as these items may not be allowed inside of your storage unit.

Outdoor Electronics

Whether you have wall-mounted outdoor speakers or an outdoor television, consider bringing these items inside for the winter. This will keep them shielded from snow and ice, and it will save space over storing them inside of your garage. Use a tarp or other type of cover to protect your outdoor television screen from dust and dirt while it's stored away.

When you rent a storage unit, consider a heated or climate-controlled unit. This will provide more flexible storage options for other items you might want to stash away, such as books, clothing or furniture. Keep seasonal items stored toward the front of the unit so you can access them quickly when summer weather returns. Contact companies like Payless Self Storage for more information.