Your child has spent all these years in the home with your family, but now they are growing up and setting off into the world for the first time by going away to college. This is a special time filled with all kinds of preparations. However, this will also be the first time your child will truly move in their lifetime and take their belongings along with them. Renting a storage unit is not something most parents think of for their grown-up child who is heading out to college, but it can be a really good idea. Take a look at three reasons why renting a storage unit for your college-bound child is smart. 

A storage unit is an excellent way for them to store the things they will not have room for in their dorm.

A college dorm room usually does not offer much in the way of space. Most of the time, the space is shared with a roommate or maybe even two, so there is barely enough room for a bed and dresser. If your child has a storage unit, this will allow them to take more of their belongings with them when they go, so when they need something of theirs, they can simply stop in at the storage unit you have rented nearby and grab it.

A storage unit gives them space to collect the furnishings they will need eventually.

After living in a dorm, most college students make their way into a place of their own soon after. This means that after college, they will have a need for all of those household furnishings that they do not yet have. If you have rented a storage unit near their school for them to use, they can easily start acquiring some of the stuff they will eventually need, such as  sofa, pots and pans, and other household necessities, and store the items away in the storage unit until they do get a place.

A storage unit can be used for all kinds of things by a college student.

Storage units are not just for furniture and other things there is no room for in a dorm. If your college kid needs a place to study, a storage unit can be a good place. Some units are climate-controlled and have outlets so they can be used as a personal office space. Storage units can even be used for things like storing small business merchandise or taking photographs for extra cash. For more information, visit a self storage facility near you.