When you start shopping for a storage unit facility, such as National Self Storage - Denver,  for your business, you might zero in on low prices and clean facilities. However, other important aspects of storage might not be as obvious from the front office. Here are two features you should look for in a new unit and why they might matter down the road:

1: Adequate Aisle Space

Are you planning on using a forklift to unload that truckload of pallets into your new storage unit? If those aisles aren't wide enough to accommodate your truck and that ramp, you might end up burning through gas to get to and from your storage unit. If aisles aren't wide, it might also be hard to move pallets in and out of your unit, especially if other people are using the aisle.

To avoid trouble, look for a storage facility that has wide aisles. If you are using a typically counterbalanced forklift, experts typically recommend looking for an aisle that is at least 12 feet wide. However, if you plan on using a narrow order aisle picker, you might be able to get away with using an aisle that is 4-5 feet wide.

Before you sign rental paperwork, measure the distance between your unit and the fence or building behind it. It might seem like a lot of extra work, but it could keep your delivery team on schedule.

2: An Updated, Functional Website

As you juggle the responsibilities that come along with running a successful business, it might not always be possible to head down to the facility to update paperwork or pay a bill. To keep your account up to date, look for a storage facility that offers an updated, functional website. Here are a few things you might be able to take care of online, if the facility you choose is tech-savvy:

  • Online Payments: Don't worry about mailing a check or sending an employee to the facility with an envelope full of cash. Some storage facilities allow tenants to make payments online with a credit card. In addition to making things easier for your employees, online payments might also make expenditures easier to track—which your accounting department might appreciate.
  • Change Insurance Policies: As employees load new inventory into your unit and unload equipment, the insurance coverage needs of your space might change. Unfortunately, if you don't update your policy, you might be out of luck if your space is damaged during a disaster or a burglary. However, some storage facility websites give users the option of updating insurance policies, so that you can customize your monthly bill or add extra coverage.
  • Update Contact Information: Who will your storage facility notify if the bill isn't paid? If an old employee is on the contract, you might not realize your unit is past due until you get a notice about an upcoming facility auction. Fortunately, some storage websites allow users to update key information like phone numbers, company addresses, and contacts, so that you always know what is going on with your unit.

When you shop for a storage unit, take the time to check out the company website. If you don't see a login button for tenants, keep shopping. Some facilities offer simple landing pages, which serve no purpose other than giving information about office hours. However, if the website seems nice, take the time to call the facility to ask what tenants have access to online. In addition to writing down the features, ask how often the site goes down. After all, that website won't help much if you can't access it when you need to.

By choosing a storage facility with a great website, wide aisles, and climate controlled units, you might be able to enjoy your storage experience and avoid hassles.